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Canvas's are a great way to keep a memory alive whether the canvas is a image of a loved one, the family or yourself. At AA Techno we provide high class canvas's which bring your images to life. 
Canvas Pricing:
10x8        £22.99
12x8        £24.00
12x12     £27.00
16x12     £35.00
16x16     £38.75
20x16     £43.99
24x12     £45.00
24x16     £49.00
24x20     £52.00
24x24     £58.99
30x20     £62.99
30x30     £70.00


Mug's are brilliant for all occasions especially when you can get them personalised. Whatever you want printed on the mug we can provide. They're brilliant for birthdays, weddings, anniversery and all other special moments so dont miss out on getting yours today at a great price of £4.99 per mug no matter what design you like.

Personalised puzzles

​Puzzle's are fun for everybody to do whether you're young or old.  They're especially good for passing time and keeping you occupied. Why get any old puzzle when we are now providing personalised puzzles! They're great for yourself or for others needing a gift for an occasion! Why not order yours now? Send us a picture or bring one in of anything you like and we can bring it to life for you to build, keep or reuse! Order yours now for gaurenteed fun!


If you want to invest into something that brings your memories back to life than get in contact with us today! Puzzle pricing is £6.99

Our personalised puzzles are currently in one size only however we will soon be doing a full range on sizes so make sure you check our website for any updates.

Cloths and Coasters


Our coasters come in a range of materials, they can be metal, plastic, wood or magnetic. They suit every occasion and does the job of keeping the grubby coffee marks away! Whatever you would like on your coaster is no problem at all. We also personalise babywear, t-shirts, jumpers and many more materials. All personalised clothing are done by proffesionals and are completed to the highest standered.

Ordinary Pictures

​Last but not least we also print high quality pictures, if your creative and looking to make a picture collage than our photos will be perfect. Quality is perfect for a picture frame. Lovely bright colours or you can have the very original but classy black and white. At a very reasonable price of £0.00 for colour and £0.00 for black and white you cant really go wrong! So come and see us today for brilliant reminders of those special memories!